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Mon Dec 4 12:57:29 UTC 2006

On 12/4/06, Kristian Rink <kristian at zimmer428.net> wrote:
> John;
> Although generally it _should_ work, I am not too comfortable with
> dist-upgrading to a new release (maybe because of a couple of rather
> _bad_ SuSE experiences earlier in my life). Seeing your situation
> (remote management), I'd be even more careful. Personally, given your
> situation, I'd go more or less this way:

Its been my experience that Ubuntu (and Debian) are extremely good at
dist-upgrades due to using *.deb as package management instead of  *.rpm.
The only time I ever experience any problems is when I've crossed streams by
pulling from multiple repositories. (ie. Using Ubuntu and pulling some
packages from Debian, or using Linspire and pulling from Debian or Ubuntu)

I've had nothing shy of horrible experiences with SuSE and its package
management. (Even in release 10.0 which was not nearly as mangled as 10.1)
The way that they handle security patches and updates/upgrades is
ridiculous, there are always dependency conflicts with anything that gets
updated. (Not to mention that this occurs when your only pulling from the
official SuSE repositories!!)

I questioned SuSE's usefulness with release 10.0 and its dependency
problems, then when they released 10.1 - well, obviously the package
maintainers don't care if your actually able to install anything...  SuSE
will have to do something major for me to consider using it again. :)
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