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John Dangler schrieb:
> location of the server).  I would prefer to do a clean install and move
> the configuration data, but the remote install is a bit fuzzy to me.
> Do you think either of these scenarios is viable?

Although generally it _should_ work, I am not too comfortable with
dist-upgrading to a new release (maybe because of a couple of rather
_bad_ SuSE experiences earlier in my life). Seeing your situation
(remote management), I'd be even more careful. Personally, given your
situation, I'd go more or less this way:

- Make use of rsync across ssh to get a fully usable 1:1 copy of the
remote server to some local host (physical or virtual one - it doesn't
really matter). Having a working backup ain't all that bad, and I prefer
rsync to tar here simply for convenience reasons. ;)

- Do a blank Dapper installation to some other local machine and get it
up and running as if it was your "remote" server (including all the
services, configuration, data you just backed up).

- Done so, do a remote installation of dapper on your production server
(I assume you have some way to get that done - ftp and ssh aren't likely
to help you that much here). Be sure to get rsync and ssh installed, and
sync' back all your newly installed local server to there. Reboot. Pray.
Sync'ing back might end up in some files not being transmitted (like
lock and log files of services running), but you shouldn't worry too
much about that as long as your data and the /etc stuff does get through

- After syncing things to the remote server, be sure to modify essential
configuration items to meet the actual situation of the remote machine
(most notably network configuration, file systems in /etc/fstab,
possibly grub configuration to find the correct root filesystem, ...)
before rebooting. Otherwise, probably you still booked yourself a
mid-distance trip...

This still is a little fuzzy, I think. And it all should depend on what
you have (local machines, network connection bandwidth, server storage
capacity [I surely wouldn't like to sync 10+ GB through a low-bandwidth
DSL line...]). But I think you should be out well if you just take
extremely care before doing anything. ;)

Cheers & good luck,

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