Disk problem: After resize, Gparted shows 8.46 Gb used but actual usage only 2.3 Gb

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Mon Dec 4 03:13:09 UTC 2006

I have a ReiserFS /home partition that used to be 9 or so Gb but as I
use only 2.3 Gb of it I wanted to resize it to make it smaller, say 3.5
Gb or so, then move it so I can extend my almost full Fat32 Windows
documents partition. 

While resizing though, it seems Gparted crashed.  It just disappeared,
the whole window. 

Since then, the partition still shows to be the same size, but almost
full! 8.46 Gb but I only use the same 2.3 Gb.. (du -h /home confirms

Do now what do I do?  Tried reiserfsck but it did not find anything
wrong, also not with the -z option. 

I was going to make a backup and delete the whole partition and then
re-create it, or does anyone here have a better idea how to solve this?

Also it seems I cannot MOVE a reiserfs partition.. I need to do this to
make the space needed to extend my documents partition.  Can this be
done?  I don't want to install Ubuntu all over again. 


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