Has Ubuntu Replaced Windows on Your Box?

bscbrit ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Tue Aug 8 20:42:30 UTC 2006

Ken, sorry to hear of your disappointment.  In my case, I left windows
behind about 18 months ago and even my wife prefers Ubuntu.  But you
raise some valid points.

The graphical editor for grub is not something that I miss.  I tend to
need to edit grub when someone's computer has been borked.  At which
point a graphical editor is about as much use as an umbrella for fish. 
Jed, pico, vim or whatever your favourite is works for me everytime.

The hardware problems that you have experienced are very real, and you
are obviously not intimidated by the hardware given your callsign.  But
the fault lies with the manufacturers who will not release the drivers,
or the information needed for someone else to write them.  Things are
getting better but there is still much progress to be made.

I have 6 separate computer systems.  They all run linux (5 Ubuntu and 1
Fedora) and have all installed fairly easily.  Yes, I had to tweak 2 of
them to get sound working but everything else seems to have installed
fine.  But thanks for the tip - I will avoid Dell :D 

I started with Linux about 4 years ago, not long in the great scheme of
things but long enough to try several distros and learn the hard way. 
My early years were as frustrating as yours.  The structure of linux
didn't make sense to me then, nor did I understand the linux way.  I
hated not being able to achieve even simple things.  Not because they
couldn't be done but because I simply didn't know how. (See my sig!)

Please persevere, its worth it.  Ubuntu (well, lets say linux) has
certainly replaced Windows on every computer I own and on the ones that
I recycle for Africa and elsewhere.


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