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John L Fjellstad john-ubuntu at
Sun Apr 30 16:20:29 UTC 2006

Daniel Carrera <daniel.carrera at> writes:

> I disagree because propietary software vendors have all the wrong
> motivations when it comes to security. Security costs time and money,
> and they offer no warranty for their products. Over 90-95% of the
> flaws in Windows don't get exploited (quote from Bruce Schneier) and
> you can't tell ahead of time which 5-10% will. It makes finnancial
> sense to make a crappy product and fix the broken 5% after the
> fact. Also, creating an appearance of security is cheaper than
> creating actual security. All these motivations mean that malware will
> be around for a long time.

That's what open source people think. It cost money to fix problems
after the fact. It costs money to do support.  It costs money in terms
of PR.  

Proprietary software != buggy software 
Open source software != error free software

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