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Michael T. Richter ttmrichter at
Sun Apr 30 01:37:13 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-30-04 at 11:12 +1000, Jean Hollis Weber wrote:

> > I've got all y'all beat, then.  I've been using PCs avidly since the AT 
> > was first available.  (Before that I was using various flavours of VAX 
> > and PDP-11.)  I have never once been infected by a computer virus but 
> > for the one time I stupidly allowed a student to use my computer for 
> > five minutes to print a report.  The moron left his floppy in my machine 
> > and rebooted.  That virus was gone about fifteen seconds after it was 
> > placed there.

> > I have been using Linux exclusively for less than a year.

> > Using DOS/Windows does not make viruses automatic by any stretch of the 
> > imagination.

> Indeed. I have been using PCs sine the first AT too, and Windows 
> since its first incarnation, and I have never had a virus either.

> But I am definitely not a typical user, 

Well, guilty as charged there.  Due to certain... how shall I put this
delicately?... unsavoury elements of my university days I'm very keenly
aware of security issues.

> and I haven't used 
> Internet Explorer since I discovered Opera (and, later, Firefox), 
> nor have I ever used Outlook or Outlook Express.

I, on the other hand, used Internet Explorer until Firefox 1.05 was
released.  And both Outlooks until the day I moved everything over, kit
and kaboodle, to Linux.  Still no viruses, adware, trojans, etc.

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