Dapper: Keyboard input missed or hyper-repeated

David M lists2006 at viewport.ukfsn.org
Thu Apr 27 12:12:16 UTC 2006

I've just upgraded to Dapper beta and everything seems to have worked,
apart from two things.

When typing at the keyboard, occasionally (perhaps every 10 seconds) a
key that I have pressed is not registered and does not show up in my
input stream. This is usually then followed a few keys later by whatever
was then the last key I pressed being 'hyper-repeated' like a mad thing,
at veryyyyyyyyyyy [sic] high speed.

Somewhat less frequently, the mouse buttons also seem to go mad (eg,
selecting a menu, resulting in that menu flickering on and off at high
speed almost uncontrollably.)

I only have a plain vanilla PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 scroll mouse, neither
of which have given me problems before. This problem does not occur when
other os'es on my computer are used.

The problem seems to occur in both GNOME and KDE.
My PC is a pretty vanilla x86-32 (Athlon), possibly the only 'unusual'
thing is that it has an nvidia graphics card (although I don't know
which driver it is currently using, how do I find out?)          

Can anybody offer me any advice, as this is making Dapper unusable for
me? (Typing this message was painful enough with much deletion!)
I may have to reinstall Breezy otherwise.

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