kmail in dapper beta crashes often on folder change

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Apr 26 19:21:25 UTC 2006

Gerhard Gaußling wrote:

> Am Mittwoch, 26. April 2006 15:01 schrieb Derek Broughton:
>> Heute 15:01:31
>> Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:
>> > On Tue, 2006-04-25 at 23:51 +0200, Gerhard Gaussling wrote:
>> >> Package: kmail
>> >> Version: 4:3.5.2-0ubuntu2
>> >> Severity: important
>> >
>> > For me kmail crashed repeatedly so much that I had to shift to
>> > evolution for the time being till kmail stabilises . I use IMAP,
>> > and I saw some bug already filed about IMAP crashes on bugs.kde .
>> > Waiting for this to get solved.
>> I've been using kmail in Dapper since long before it was "beta" and
>> would never consider it to crash "often" or "repeatedly".  It _is_
>> fairly common (and annoying) for it to crash on startup.  Please post
>> a pointer to the bug in question.
> It was stable in kmail. I got several thousands of emails of mailing
> lists in kmail. A few of them are in mbox format, and I think the
> oldest messages are from debian/woody or even earlier.
> So, I'm not surprised, that there are people who doesn't notice any
> instability in kmail, but as I merntioned before: It was stable in
> breezy. Therefor I posted this bugreport.

I have many thousands of messages in mailing lists in IMAP, too, so that's
hardly the point.  You posted _this_ bug report, but you still haven't
posted a link to the one you say you found at bugs.kde - I'd like to check
it out and see if it's possible to duplicate.  As far as I can tell it
isn't likely to get solved as there doesn't appear to be any good indicator
of what's causing your problem.

> BTW: It's still annoying to use reportbug in ubuntu. I loved it in
> debian, but it's nearly unusable in ubuntu. 

It might as well be considered _totally_ unusable.  This bug has been
outstanding for 3 (?) releases, and the developers keep telling us they
_have_ a solution, they just haven't implemented it.  

> Are there active developement to fit reportbug into
> ubuntu? Just curious about it.

There seems to be, but I'm skeptical :-(

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