Java on ubuntu

Elijah Lofgren elijahlofgren at
Wed Apr 26 03:34:19 UTC 2006

On 4/25/06, Alfred Vahau <Alf.Vahau at> wrote:
>  So I in fact have two problems:
>  1. I cannot install java using the Debian way i.e using fakeroot
>  2. I cannot get the system to point to the manually installed java
> directory even after the correct environment is set.
>  It seems that the default Ubuntu installation has precedence over the
> manual installation.
>  I have downloaded the eclipse software which I am trying to test on the
> platform but so far there is no correct
>  java environment to enable the testing.
>  The wiki on java is of some help but unfortunately could not work readily
> for my case although some of the problems
>  described there applied to my system.
>  Some input on these would help sort the problem out as was the case when I
> used Warty.

Follow these instructions for how to install Java the quick and easy way:

Elijah Lofgren

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