Locking screen when lid is closed (Dapper)

Matt Patterson matt at v8zman.com
Tue Apr 25 09:56:38 UTC 2006

When I installed Dapper it did lock the screen on lid close, and I 
didn't want that. I hunted through the acpi scripts and eventually found 
a script for screen blanking that also had the lock command in it (dont 
know why). I dont know the exact script off the top of my head, but I 
will try to remember to look it up. If I forget and you don't get an 
answer before that from the list just drop me an email off list and I'm 
sure I can help you out.


Nils Brünggel wrote:

>I noticed that Dapper does not lock then screen when I close my
>laptop, also I could not find anything to turn locking on.
>I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if people want Dapper to behave like
>this. I would like to know, if it's possible to make Dapper behave
>like this.

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