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> Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 12:13:19 +1000> From: jean-ooo at> To: ubuntu-users at> Subject: Re: Tool to generate static pages with Photos> > Jean-Eric Cuendet (RPT) wrote:> > Is there a tool to generate static pages with photos?> > In KDE, there was one, once, that takes a set of JPG files and generate > > a set of pages (no PHP, jscript, ...) with thumbnails, small and real > > photos. That's nice is you can't setup coppermine or the like.> > In addition to gthumb, and the other suggestions people have> made, there is JAlbum, which I quite like. It has lots of skins> and you can do all sorts of interesting pages with it. It does> require Java to run the program, but the resulting pages are just > HTML (with a separate CSS file).> >> > --Jean> > -- If you happen to have Kde Konqueror installed I have a simple solution I used to put a photo album page on a website I maintain for the local 4H
I just used Konqueror to make an html page with the thumbnails, then edited the page with NVU putting links to the full photo. Playing with "thumbnail size" could give you larger images.
To see what I'm talling about it's at
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