What makes Ubuntu so popular and on the rise

Adriano Varoli Piazza moranar at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 06:57:45 UTC 2006

On 4/24/06, Chanchao <custom at freenet.de> wrote:
> One of the essential things to do when testing a distro is to go to
> whatever their support forums are and ask a really dumb question. :) If
> people in the community remain supportive and helpful then you've found
> a gem. :)

[godly_voice="Booming"]"Thou shalt not test thy user community with
purposefully useless questions!"[/godly_voice]
Seriously, it's better not to test a community like this. It
accomplishes nothing, and annoys the pig. It's better to read a few
threads to see how dumb questions already presented are answered, than
add to the injury. This of course means that one does know the
difference between smart and dumb questions.

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