desktop link to a directory in gnome

Bry Melvin brymelvin at
Mon Apr 24 01:39:58 UTC 2006

I have no idea why this seems to be so hard, but I've been trying to
make a simple directory link on my desktop in gnome to an existing
directory on disk. This is trivial in winblows. Could someone tell me
how to do this in Gnome?
Go to the file/directory you want the link to with nautilus browser
Right click> make link
drag that link to the desktop
BUT: you must have permissions allowing you to make that link
you can do this easily if the directory or file is in your home directory.
There Are ways to make links to other scripts etc too. What exactly are you trying to make a link to?
If it's not in a directory you have permissions for, it's a little more work.
Part of the difficulty may lie in the fact that Linux permissions may be stopping you from making a link easily, that's part of what makes linux somewhat more secure. Where are you trying to make the link to?
Then someone can give you a better answer.
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