Partitioning drives

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Sat Apr 22 16:07:56 UTC 2006

Preston Smith wrote:
> I have a 30GB drive with XP on it and I would like to maintain a dual
> boot capability.  I also have a slave 6.0 GB drive on which I want to
> install Kubuntu
> I think I should have a /home directory so that when 6.06 final comes
> out I can do a reinstall without losing my data

You don't need to do that. When Dapper final comes out you'd just type

sudo apt-get upgrade

And it would all be upgraded without losing data.

> I know very little about Linux so I am looking for guidance on what
> partitions to place on the Linux drive, their sizes, which should be
> bootable, logical or primary, what mount points to use, etc.

Linux is not very fuzzy about this sort of thing. It doesn't care if 
it's bootable for example. I think it doesn't care if one is primary, 
but I could be wrong. It's never wrong to make them primary, but I think 
you're making things too complicated by worrying about this.

As for size, a basic Ubuntu install takes about 2.2GB. For swap, 512MB 
will do. I have 1GB swap but that's because I have a 40GB disk. I have 
no idea how much you need for /home, that depends on what you put on it.

In my case I just have one big partition for everything (and another for 
swap). I've never had problems with that setup.

> In effect
> after looking at the Partitioning phase of the installation, I had no
> understanding about what I was doing so can someone walk me through the
> process as presented in the 6.06 installer or point me to a FAQ/HOWTO
> that provides a simple explanation about what has to be done

You can safely choose the defaults, as long as you don't overwrite the 
30GB disk you said you wanted to keep.

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