Partitioning drives

jazzmuzik ulist at
Sat Apr 22 14:30:12 UTC 2006

Hmm. 6 gig is getting smaller by the second these days. I'm using Ubuntu
Breezy so my suggestions are based on that. During install you will need
to go into the section to set up your partitions manually. Something
like this would work. Figures aren't exact. You may need to adjust them
to your preferences. The drive will probably be referred to as 'hdb'
(the second hard drive) by the install system. And be careful not to
accidently install on the wrong drive:

/ (root partition) - 4.0 gig (4000 meg)
/home - 1.0 gig
swap - 1.0 gig

All you need to do is add the partitions by specifying the mount point
and the size. The program will determine if a primary or extended
partition is required.

I'm not exactly up on the theory of swap drive size, but in the past
people suggested that your swap partition be twice the size of your
installed RAM. But I think that is only true up to a certain point.
Once you have a lot of RAM the system utilizes it more and the swap
less. I'm just not sure what point that is. Adjust the above suggestion
as necessary.


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