Partitioning drives

Preston Smith prbasmith at
Sat Apr 22 13:40:36 UTC 2006

I am about to install Kubuntu  6.06 Beta on my system

I have a 30GB drive with XP on it and I would like to maintain a dual
boot capability.  I also have a slave 6.0 GB drive on which I want to
install Kubuntu

I think I should have a /home directory so that when 6.06 final comes
out I can do a reinstall without losing my data

I know very little about Linux so I am looking for guidance on what
partitions to place on the Linux drive, their sizes, which should be
bootable, logical or primary, what mount points to use, etc.  In effect
after looking at the Partitioning phase of the installation, I had no
understanding about what I was doing so can someone walk me through the
process as presented in the 6.06 installer or point me to a FAQ/HOWTO
that provides a simple explanation about what has to be done



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