Question about dual monitors

Antony Gelberg antony at
Sat Apr 22 00:38:08 UTC 2006

Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Antony Gelberg wrote:
>>> You see that those are actually the same device? Okay, you've chosen 
>>> different identifiers. But the identifier is just a user-chosen 
>>> string. There is nothing to tell X that "ATI_1" means "VGA out". 
>>> These two devices are the same.
>> The Devices are not the same.  They are different due to the differing 
>> Screen parameter.
> Okay, so this shifts the question to the Screen parameter. How does X or 
> Xinerama know that Screen 0 is supposed to be the LCD and Screen 1 is 
> supposed to be the CRT?

man xorg.conf explains this.  That is what the Screen parameter is for 
in the Device stanza.  I have pasted the extract already today.  I'm not 
sure how else I can explain this.

The technical answer is that the i810 driver handles the abstraction.

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