Modem Driver for Aopen FM56 Modem (Conexant)

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Fri Apr 21 11:05:08 UTC 2006

On 4/21/06, OOzy Pal <oozypal at> wrote:
> > I think you are right. I found the Hayes Model 15350 External. Does it
> > work with Linux?
> > --
> > OOzy
> >
> Never mind, this modem does not work with Linux.

Ha!  Another Conexant USB modem...

Anyhow, can you recommend an internal modem that works with Linux
> which I can buy from BestBuy or Circuit City. I am actually not the US
> but I have friends there who can buy me the modem and send it to me;
> howevr, they don't know anything about Linux. Therefore, a model
> number will help them.
> Thank you

I have had success with many different intel-based software modems, as well
as Lucent.   The problem is that their drivers are not free-libre software.
However, their linux-drivers have always been available, and I don't see
that changing in the way it di for Conexant, who's drivers were once

Detailed instrutions for modem drivers can be found here:
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