Setting up a second monitor

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Fri Apr 21 08:41:46 UTC 2006

Jean Hollis Weber wrote:
>> # apt-get install i810switch
>> # i810rotate
> Can you tell me what that does?

It looks like it's for turning "video out" on and off. So, I guess that 
'i810rotate' might make Linux see the video-out.

You an learn a little about a package with Synaptic. Search for the 
package i810switch and highlight it (click on it). In this case, it says:

   "i810switch enables/disables the output to the CRT display and LCD,
   depending on the i810 graphics controller hardware. Such hardware is
   found on some laptops (eg, Sony Vaios, some Dell models, etc).
   Chipsets also supported include i855, i830, i845.

   This package includes the i810rotate script, which toggles the output
   between three states: LCD only, LCD + CRT, and CRT only.

I have no idea if "Intel Corp. 82852/855GM" means "i810 graphics 
controller". The 'i' and the '8' look right I guess...

You can get this same information from the command line:

aptitude show i810switch

> Several people have mentioned Xinerama, because that is what I 
> ultimately want to do: have the second monitor be an extension of the 
> desktop. I don't mind hacking xorg.conf, once I figure out what I need 
> to change in it. I will read the how-to that Antony pointed me to.

 From my limited understanding, I think Xinerama is what you need, 
probably after doing the 'i810rotate'.

Next step:

sudo aptitude install i810switch
sudo i810rotate
lspci | grep VGA

And let's see if now we have move video devices.

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