Macros in OpenOffice 2

Avraham Hanadari rufus at
Fri Apr 21 07:18:13 UTC 2006

Jean Hollis Weber wrote:
> Karl Auer wrote:
>> In Microsoft word, it's possible to attach macros to keypress sequences.
>> I used this feature to set up some special characters . I put u-umlaut
>> on CTL-;-u, for example. This lets me insert some German characters that
>> I don't have on my US keyboard.
>> I want to do the same thing (or at least similar) under OpenOffice, so
>> that I don't have to go Insert->Special character and select the desired
>> character every time.
>> I can create the macro OK, and when I run it, my desired character
>> appears. So far so good. But I don't seem to be able to assign the macro
>> to a keypress. If I assign it (for example) to Shift-CTL-C, I get an
>> uppercase underlined C when I press that sequence (and a single
>> backspace then deletes to start of word, odd).
>> The keys offered for assignment also seem only to be straight keys with
>> various modifiers - there doesn't seem to be a way to assign to a
>> sequence.
>> The OpenOffice help suggests that some accents are achievable using
>> back-tick and tick as dead keys, but this doesn't work for me, they
>> don't seem to be dead ;-) I just see the backtick/tick (not that I want
>> accents as such anyway).
>> I did find a macro for StarOffice that seemed to be doing pretty much
>> what I wanted, but it didn't work under OpenOffice. I guess I could
>> learn the macro language and try to figure out whey, but I'm hoping
>> there's a quicker way :-)
>> Can anyone offer a hint?
> I have seen some discussion about similar questions on one of the OOo 
> user lists or forums, but I would have to hunt around to find the info. 
> Have you already asked there?
> I do recall that several people suggested other ways of inputting 
> special characters, in addition to using OOo's macro assignment to 
> keystrokes.
> Daniel may know at least one of the Linux solutions. IIRC, he (among 
> others) pointed me to a solution, but I have not put it into effect yet.
> Sorry, all that is not much help except as an effort to be encouraging. :-)
> Cheers, Jean
Add a German keyboard and the selector to a panel, or learn the 
keystrokes, or keep a visible keyboard on hand. I prefer the panel 
selector solution: ß, ü, ö, ä, usw.


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