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On 4/19/06, John DeCarlo <johndecarlo at> wrote:
> On 7/22/05, Jeff Co <hanzjordan at> wrote:
> >
> > I'm looking for a no-cost easy-to-do way to be able to access my Ubuntu
> > PC remotely. The other computer will be running Windows OS. I believe it's
> > Windows XP. But just in case, I'd like to have a software that can work on a
> > a version of Windows older than XP (for example: Win 98)
> >
> > I'd like to access my files on my Ubuntu PC. Stuff like my pictures, and
> > maybe some text documents that I've saved. I want to be able to retrieve
> > them, and also have the ability to do things as though I were sitting right
> > in front of my Ubuntu PC. For example,  saving new files on my Ubuntu PC.
> > Deleting stuff (in my home directory)
> >
> > I want something that is secure. Something that only I, with some sort
> > of password, can access, and that nobody else on the internet can access.
> >
> > What must I do to my (Ubuntu) computer before I leave it? (What's the
> > terminology for this computer?)
> > What must I do to the _other_ computer, the computer on the other end?
> > (What's the terminology for this computer on the other end?)
> >
> OK,
> Because you only want to manipulate files (I think), your best bet is to
> simply enable an ssh server.  I would install openssh-server (sudo aptitude
> install openssh-server).  This will allow secure access to your account on
> your Ubuntu machine.
> Really, that is all you have to do.  ssh will take care of the security
> aspect.  There are fancy things you can do to lock it down even more, if you
> want to, but this is really good enough.
> Windows.  It has been awhile, but I used to do this regularly myself,
> since I was using Ubuntu in part as a file server.  You need a Windows ftp
> program that supports "sftp" (secure ftp).  This will use ssh to transfer
> files.  Then you get a nice graphical interface - I had one free program
> that showed two panels, one for local files and one for remote.  Maybe
> WinFTP?
> It isn't clear what you mean by your side comment ("also have the ability
> to do things as though I were sitting right in front of my Ubuntu PC"),
> because your examples are all manipulating files.  If you really want a
> graphical interface that lets you launch programs graphically (like Open
> Office), then I recommend installing the "x11vnc" package.  It gives you
> remote access to the current desktop (if you stay logged in and just lock
> the screen).  vnc is a good package that will give you one or more separate
> desktop sessions you can access remotely, and there are plenty of Windows
> clients.
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WinSCP will also give you a nice gui interface on windows once you setup ssh
on your ubuntu machine.

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