How do i force removal of a package :

Patrick patrick at
Mon Apr 17 20:26:11 UTC 2006


> In which case the --force-all option to dpkg will fix it...

Now see, i'm not that dumb, i can use the manual ;)

so one would figure that force-all would do the job :

root at globlet:~# dpkg -P --force-all  libdspam7-drv-mysql
(Reading database ... 31099 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing libdspam7-drv-mysql ...
dpkg: error processing libdspam7-drv-mysql (--purge):
 subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status 10
dpkg: error while cleaning up:
 subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 10
Errors were encountered while processing:
root at globlet:~#


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