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Andreas Jellinghaus schrieb am 16.04.2006 19:03:
> Hi,
> can ubuntu initrd/ramfs by default mount the real root by uuid?
> or would I need to write scanning code etc. myself?
> one application is a ubuntu usb stick: if the machine has only
> pata, the usb stick is most likely sda. if the machine has scsi
> or sata, the usb stick might be sdb or sdc. because of that
> it is not possible to say what root= will be. but the uuid of
> the filesystem would be known, so if ubuntu could mount by
> uuid, that would be very helpful.
> also I have no idea how that would be typically implemented.
> I think I saw at least once patches for mount to do that,
> but not sure. also maybe udev can do these things, not sure.
> what way would you suggest to find a filesystem by uuid?
> Regards, Andreas

man fstab:
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Instead of giving the device explicitly, one may indicate the (ext2  or
xfs) filesystem that is to be mounted by its UUID or volume label (cf.
e2label(8) or  xfs_admin(8)),  writing  LABEL=<label>  or  UUID=<uuid>,
e.g., ?LABEL=Boot? or ?UUID=3e6be9de-8139-11d1-9106-a43f08d823a6?. This
will make the system more robust: adding or removing a  SCSI  disk
changes the disk device name but not the filesystem volume label.
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

So i think you can set this up in /etc/fstab on your usb-device.
Haven´t tried it myself though.

bye Thilo
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