how to write korean?

Tae-young ulist at
Sat Apr 15 15:58:12 UTC 2006

Andreas Jellinghaus Wrote: 
> I now grasped the 3 part system and entering worked so far.

> at least I tried with UIM-hangul3 method and entering

> jfs hea of nc j4

> gave the result I wanted. but I had to press [enter][space]

> between each sylable.

Does 3bul * has the same problem? I heard that UIM is focused on
Japanese input, and to compelte Japaness character we need to input
enter. (Nobody use UIM in Korea. We use only imhangu, qimhangul, nabi,

May be it's the problem of UIM-hangul3...

Andreas Jellinghaus Wrote: 

> > and SCIM, IIIMF supports multi-language input in unicode
> environment.

> > (they can change input method in runtime) :)


> better for me, I need to be able to input german, english, japanese

> and korean at least. :)

qt and gtk2 have their own multilingual input architecture. So if you
are using gtk2 or qt(enabled immodule support), there's no problem with
that :)

Andreas Jellinghaus Wrote: 
> I tried without with 3bul final method, but the result is:

> only the first the characters are combined to a sylabil,

> after that all characters are placed isolated, not combined.

> thus "jfsheaofncj4" does not create a nice result, "jfs hea of nc j4"

> does.

"jfsheaofncj4" has no problem... what method did you use? It seems

Andreas Jellinghaus Wrote: 
> mait had posted this link, I guess those are the layouts for the

> different 3bul input methods in scim?



> > I think this is more easier to u.

> >


> ah, thanks. but I think i will stick with 3bul for a while and see how
> it

> goes. I have texts with different romanisation of the korean language,
> and

> thus I better avoid it at all and simply type real korean directly.


> also 3bul looks to me like with some training entering korean that way

> should be very, very fast. I'd like to find out.

Yes, they are different 3bul layout :) and SCIM-hangul, nabi, imhangul,
qimhangul has same Korean engine. 

first one in the link... is '3bul final' layout...  (391)

second one is '3bul 390'

third is '3bul no-shift'

fourth is '3bul yetgeul' (393... 'yet' means 'old' in Korean)

last one is '2bul'


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