Mounting Fat32

sitedesign ulist at
Sat Apr 15 06:19:55 UTC 2006

If you click on 'System' - 'administration' - 'disks'. Then that is a
utility which should be able to molunt them for you.

remember to create a directory to mount them under in the file manager

Then select that location for each one and click the enable button.

That will mount the partitions for the current session.

Note the properties of the partition, device, filesystem and access

Now you need to edit /etc/fstab file to make that permanent.

from a terminal

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

Then put the line in at the bottom some thing like:

device-name       access-path       filesystem        defaults       0 


/dev/hda2      /home/pking/media/windows      vfat    defaults     0   

You could also replace 'defaults' with 'noatime' which speeds up the
use of the disk (stops it writing the access time for every read of a

Hope that helps

Regards Pete


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