ubuntu-friendly broadband?

Patrick Costello banjo at howandtao.com
Fri Apr 14 19:28:43 UTC 2006

I've been using Linux for about a year and just recently started using

For the last eight years or so I have been teaching banjo and guitar
over the Internet - and because the backwater town of Crisfield,
Maryland isn't exactly up with the times (the town has one red light,
more than thirty churches and the local library is a converted mausoleum
complete with the remains of the last occupant in a big urn over the
entrance) broadband has not been available until just recently. 

I have managed to make do with dialup up 'till now but keeping a daily
podcast series for banjo and guitar lessons going over a 56K connection
is starting to get kind of tedious so I've thinking about getting a
broadband connection.

The trouble is that none of the providers in this area that I have
contacted support Linux. I have been told that I can set up a connection
over a Windows box and then make the switch - but the only Windows
computer I have access to is in pieces right now and I'm having a hard
time justifying the idea of spending money to get it working just to
establish a connection.

Are there any broadband providers the support Linux? Can you set up a
connection with a company like Verizon without a Windows box?


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