Hdparm and Acoustic Management : problem

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Fri Apr 14 17:28:37 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-04-13 at 13:46 +0200, email.listen at googlemail.com wrote:
> hdparm does not do the job for some harddisks.
> For Seagate, some Hiotachi and some IBM harddisks you have to use the vendor 
> tools. You may download this tools from the vendors support pages.

Okay, I e-mailed Seagates tech support last night, they were quick to
reply but the news are not good at all :

"If you look a t the note at the bottom of page 39 of the drive's
manual, it says the acoustic management feature is NOT supported"

So hdparm was right then... it's not supported ! :-O :-((((((((

The guy said that the drive could support it, but that it's just not
programmed. I don't understand it... removing such an essential feature,
to gain what ? It doesn't make the drive any cheaper to produce ! :-/

I e-mailed them back asking if this was a new policy on all their drive
and if they had plain given up on the quiet drive market, or if if it
affects just this model, and they have other models that do have this
feature available.... waiting for their reply...

Still can't believe it ! :o(


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