Solution for OEMs/Gnome

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Fri Apr 14 13:01:49 UTC 2006

email.listen at wrote:
>>But you are still not saying what you need it to do. This is
>>frustrating. Telling us X times that something is crap and that
>>something else is better is not helpful unless you tell us what you need
>>it to do.
> If you carefully read my last mail again you will find a sentence: "Have a 
> closer look to Novell Zenworks and you can see what is state of the art 
> since years and years."

Are you purposely trying to be unhelpful? Seriously, what a useless 
response! You are informed that saying "x is better" doesn't tell us 
what you need, and what's your response? to repeat for the upteenth time 
that x is better.

If you want anyone to take you for more than a troll, you'll have to 
actually say what it is that you want that Sabayon doesn't provide.

> Again, have a look to what I wrote: "It is far away from what KDE Kiosktool 
> offers and both are far away what other operating systems offer."

Once again, a completely useless answer. What a waste of perfectly good 
bytes. Someone asks you "what do you need that sabayon doesn't have?" 
and your response is "kiosktool is much better". Jesus!

> See this as an expaination of what I see as drawback in general for GNU/Linux 
> developers and their projects.

Your explanation could be summarized as "the problem is that you can't 
read my mind, you should be able to know what I want without my actually 
saying anything".

> Murray don't misunderstand my postings. 
> My intention is neither to flame you and Gnome nor KDE.

Just waste everyone's time?

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