Nero CD/DVD burner equivalent for ubuntu?

Nicolas da Luz Duque hot_boy at
Thu Apr 13 20:26:08 UTC 2006

Le mercredi 12 avril 2006 à 08:50 -0400, Todd Slater a écrit :

> I can sort of understand this reasoning, but what if the OP is fond of
> the features offered by Nero and is looking for them in a linux app? I
> would think pointing that user to Nautilus and Serpentine would be a
> big turn off and *that* could be enough to drive them back to another
> OS. In any event, we may be fantasizing too much about the intent and
> needs of the OP.

If a newcomer wants to find a burning app, let's just tell him to use
the defaults. We can always tell him that the ones we advise him to use
are the default ones, and are extra-simple, but that there are others
If he's not satisfied with them, he can always come back. Then we will
be happy to advise him other apps that might suit his needs better.

But, IMHO, for the great majority of users, the default apps entirely

> I think new users are interested in finding stuff that just works (TM)
> the way they expect it to, regardless of whether it's "sanctioned" by
> some official Ubuntu watchdog committee. There are plenty of folks on
> mailing lists, forums, IRC, etc. that can help with these things.
> Todd

I don't care if something is "sanctioned" or not by anyone. I'm just
pointing out that the default apps have better support and
documentation, and _that_'s what matters for newcomers.

The apps I was advising "just work", too. Maybe not in the way the user
thinks at first, but who knows, he might be even more seduced by ubuntu
discovering it's so much more easy to use than what he had been used to!


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