Nero CD/DVD burner equivalent for ubuntu?

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Wed Apr 12 18:28:15 UTC 2006

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>Subject: Re: Nero CD/DVD burner equivalent for ubuntu?
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>On 4/12/06, Nicolas da Luz Duque <hot_boy at> wrote:
> > I'm sure power users might have good reasons not to use the default
> > apps. But here you're advising someone who's obviously new to linux
> > (hence his question about a *Nero* equivalent). I even saw one of you
> > advising nerolinux which is *not even free software* ! It is so *not*
> > ubuntu-spirit !
> >
> > New users should be advised to stick to the defaults to have a fully
> > supported distribution. That way, they'll be able to get all the help
> > they need. Otherwise not (especially with non-free software).
>I can sort of understand this reasoning, but what if the OP is fond of
>the features offered by Nero and is looking for them in a linux app? I
>would think pointing that user to Nautilus and Serpentine would be a
>big turn off and *that* could be enough to drive them back to another
>OS. In any event, we may be fantasizing too much about the intent and
>needs of the OP.
>I think new users are interested in finding stuff that just works (TM)
>the way they expect it to, regardless of whether it's "sanctioned" by
>some official Ubuntu watchdog committee. There are plenty of folks on
>mailing lists, forums, IRC, etc. that can help with these things.
The culprit "advertising" Nero would be me:

Actually I would have been remiss to not mention it.

The person was looking for a substitute for Nero on linux
One would be remiss in not pointing out that it exists, and that my workers 
found it more desirable than other apps.

FWIW i also pointed out that I still used XCDRoast personally. I'm like Star 
Trek's "Borg" I assimilate everything. We have Ubuntu Kubuntu Xubuntu SuSe 
Fedora ,win32,OSX, and even one OS/2Warp with Lanserver left. I use whatever 
I need for the work,

Vendor lock in in Vendor lock in no matter if it comes from the Software 
Giants or the politically correct attitudes of evangelists.

I agree that trying to get users to do everything one way is going to send 
them away form UBUNTU or any other OS.

The more new users that can find a version of what they have been using that 
works in linux the happier many will be. This is IMPORTANT. If you notice 
the latest MS patches are only for Win2k and up.  All those win98/ME users 
need somewhere to go as they are no longer going to get ie security patches. 
The more attracted to Ubuntu the stronger it will be.

If Mr Shuttleworth didn't want commercial software used in Ubuntu then there 
wouldn't be any discussion of Linspire's "clik'n run" in the future for 

One of the biggest selling points of linux is its adapatability. Ubuntu 
I may not be politically correct, but I have no qualms about discussing 
commercial software on Linux or OSS software on windows. What works The PC garbage gets out of hand and is not in the interest of all 

Like checking one's headers etc..which has popped up recently .I'm sure mine 
say windows...I'm writing this on an ibook on Ubuntu  in hotmail, which goes 
through a gateway computer running Kubuntu, and onto MSN as an IP. I live 
remote...dialup only, MSN is the only ISP I've tried that doesn't cut me off 
in the middle of a 197 MB update. I have no fondness for MS...but IT WORKS, 
I moved to UBUNTU because Fedora and SuSE DIDN"T work as well for me. The 
world has enough trouble with fundamentalism. Adding to it doesn't help 

Oh well I could always take my toys and go home....seems enough of that here 
lately though. I'll just write what think might help someone. If The PC 
police don't like it...oh well :-)

RE Nautilus... if someone is asking about a full featured tool pointing them 
to nautilus is not what they are looking for. That would be like someone 
asking for an office suite and pointing them to gedit.


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