Nero CD/DVD burner equivalent for ubuntu?

Gary W. Swearingen garys at
Wed Apr 12 18:27:50 UTC 2006

C Hamel <yogich at> writes:

>> --
>> If only you and dead people understand hex,
>> how many people understand hex?
> I do... <LOL>  Used to program in it.

Or was it "octal"?

IIRC, early PDP's 12 switches were read as 0000-7777 and CDC
mainframes' 60 bits were read as 10 groups of 2 octal digits.

Octal was easier to work with, but words of 16, 32, etc, killed octal,
I guess, because it was esthetically unpleasing that they couldn't be
divided into nice groups of 3 without an odd-ball group of 1 or 2.  I
doubt if it was for a practical reason, like hex's better compactness.

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