Nero CD/DVD burner equivalent for ubuntu?

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On Wednesday 12 April 2006 05:12, Alan McKinnon wrote:
<SNIP> A quick comment on optical drives in general:
> These things are notoriously fickle and subject to weird behaviour. I
> spent more years of my life than I care to remember fixing them -
> everything from cheap CD players to high-end audio players to PC
> equipment, and often it felt like getting decent laser units was more
> like a lottery than anything else.
> Quality varies widely and it was common to get a good shipment from a
> reputable supplier, and the next shipment was junk. Same items, same
> markings, apparently same original manufacturer but one worked and
> one didn't. Go figure. It's not just the el-cheapo units that are
> affected, I see the same thing happening with Toshiba, Sony and
> Matsushita's stuff.
Personally, I have rarely had any other mfr on my boxes.  The exception is my 
Gateway desktop --which I rarely use.  I do not know who made it because it's 
never been out of the case.  All others have either been Toshiba or 
Matsushita.  The current one I'm having trouble with is a Toshiba 
CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive.

> Expected life these days from a CD reader is about 18 months, writers
> vary much more. A quick easy way to check them is to look directly at
> the laser lens (with the thing off of course). If it appears
> discoloured with a yellowish tinge, it's on the way out.
That tidbit is good to know.  Thanks. :-)

> The laser power level can be varied by software control, and excessive
> current burns the lens like this. If you are finding that a drive
> works OK in Windows but not in Linux, the most likely explanation is
> that the Linux code was not written with today's cr at p lasers in mind
> and is burning them out. Not much you can do about that except change
> the code.
I stopped programming in the 80s, somewhere... can you be a little more 
specific as to which code gets modified??  Thanks. :-)

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I do... <LOL>  Used to program in it.

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