Status of Dapper?

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Mon Apr 10 08:29:46 UTC 2006

Antony Gelberg wrote:
> Do you have concrete examples?  Broken packages between releases are not 
> something I've seen.  Were you using any third party repos?

The only concrete example I have is X. I didn't think to write down the 
packages. No, I don't use third-party repos, and I don't mix packages 
from "unstable" or anything else. I don't even install .deb files from 
third parties. My packages are "pristine" Ubuntu. Anything that isn't 
from the Ubuntu archive goes into /opt/ or (in the case of Perl modules) 

> You coulld use aptitude instead.  Debian recommended aptitude for Woody 
> -> Sarge. 
> see section 4.5.

I'll look into aptitude. I hadn't heard about it before this weekend.

>> Maybe there's something I'm doing consistently wrong?
> Maybe, maybe not.  Without concrete examples, it's hard to say.

Well, X is a concrete example. I'll keep an eye out when I upgrade to 
Dapper and write down what packages give me problems. I'll also get a 
chance to test upgrading through ssh a couple of times. I have two 
Ubuntu computers in front of me, so I can ssh from one to the other and 
test that upgrade method.

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