Status of Dapper?

Antony Gelberg antony at
Mon Apr 10 00:49:07 UTC 2006

Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Antony Gelberg wrote:
>>> Upgrading Ubuntu is not difficult, but it does require you to be 
>>> physically at the computer.
>> It doesn't.  I understand your fear, but your last sentence is simply 
>> not true.  I have dist-upgraded many Debian and Ubuntu machines via 
>> ssh, and problems have been negligible.
> I *always* hit a snag. At a minimum I have to reconfigure X and reboot a 
> couple of times. Typically some packages break and I have to remove, 
> reinstall or install with the -f flag. That doesn't happen with many 
> packages, but it always happens with a few.

Do you have concrete examples?  Broken packages between releases are not 
something I've seen.  Were you using any third party repos?

> It is always something that I can fix, but it still takes me at least a 
> couple of hours after dist-upgrade was supposed to be done. In my 
> experience, these problems are far from neglibible. I would call them 
> "manageable by an experienced user". I wouldn't expect an inexperienced 
> but technically inclined user to manage it.
> I know that 'apt-get dist-upgrade' should "just work" but it doesn't. 
> I've done this a few times (about 5) and it never once "just worked".

You coulld use aptitude instead.  Debian recommended aptitude for Woody 
-> Sarge., 
see section 4.5.

> Maybe there's something I'm doing consistently wrong?

Maybe, maybe not.  Without concrete examples, it's hard to say.

> Best,
> Daniel.

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