Ubuntu + LPI question

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Sat Apr 8 20:01:51 UTC 2006

Alan McKinnon wrote:
> The Ubuntu exam is pitched at the same level as the Junior cert, and 
> it's called Ubuntu 103. To get the certificate you'll have to pass 
> both LPI exams (101 and 102) and the Ubuntu 103. But you can write 
> these exams in any order you wish.

Ok, this is a good goal to aim at for me. My background is not system 
administration (it's mathematics and teaching) but my knowledge level is 
roughly at the Junior LPI level. I looked at the sample questions and I 
got about 73% right. So getting a Junior cert should require only a 
reasonable amount of study.

What score do I need to pass an exam?
What's the title of someone with the Ubuntu cert? "Junior Ubuntu Admin"?

> Support questions on this 
> very list give you a good idea of the standard required,

Ok, I'll keep an eye on this list.

> Do keep in mind that it is a sysadmin exam, not a user exam, so the 
> focus is on how does the stuff work under the hood.

Yes, I got that. I'm roughly at the Junior sys-admin level right now. I 
used to know more, but I haven't really fiddled much in a while.

> Knowing how to 
> navigate Synaptic won't help much here (that's a user task), but 
> knowing how to debug a faulty sources.list will.

Gotcha :)  Btw, I don't know how to debug sources.list. It never seems 
to break really...  I once had problems, but they were fixed by just 
pointing to a different server.

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