Ubuntu Certified Professionals

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Sat Apr 8 12:10:42 UTC 2006

Alan McKinnon wrote:
>>>I'm curious, is there a place where I can get past exams to look
> Unfortunately no. The exam pool has many questions in it and with each 
> rotation 65 are selected for the new exam. There's also spare exam 
> forms as plan B in the event of a security compromise or if some 
> idiot puts a braindump on the web early in the cycle. So questions 
> can be re-used and are not published.

I found some sample questions:


What score do I need to pass?

I wouldn't pass because I'm not a system administrator, I'm more of a 
developer. But I'm curious. I'd like to reach the "Junior" level if I 
can manage it without a huge amount of work.

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