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Thu Apr 6 20:08:27 UTC 2006

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Bry, SWiSHmax is a Flash creation program.

Ok then, I have never really understood how to completely uninstalled a 
program on Linux.
If I want to remove everything with this Wine install, besides running 
the Synaptic remove
feature, what else would I do?


Bry Melvin wrote:

>> Although I am a commercial artist I am not familiar with that program.
> FWIW wine runs few quality Graphics program.
> Wine + Winetools or Codeweavers' Crossover Office will run photoshop. 
> failrly well.
> Corel Draw  Illustrator and  other Graphics Suites like Serif products 
> will not run adequately.
> Even with the scripting tools available with Winetools there is no 
> good direct x support although the "transgaming " stuff may help some.
> Unfortunately if you want to run quality third party software Corel 
> Adobe/Macromedia etc  Linux is still not going to do it without going 
> the VM route.
> If you are insisting on a windows free graphics shop  consider either 
> using some macs, or keep a windows machine around. Alternatively use 
> xen or bochs or a commercilal product like Paralells Workstation. 
> (you'll STILL have windows, but running inside Linux)
> Linux has some excellent tools for Grahics work etc. but they are not 
> yet up to the standard of commercial equivalents in all respects.
> using and building *.swf files is definitely one of those areas.
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> Installing a second wine is probably not a good idea.
> If you want to use wine I recommend the latest version in the 
> repositories, then adding winetools on top of it. This will give you a 
> working installation of scripting tools ie6 and several items that 
> will help a lot of win32apps run.
> winetools will let you backup your current wine install before 
> changing things around.
> All of this might come to naught shortly as there is supposed to be a 
> mandantory change to ie the 11th. this is partially due to bugs but 
> mostly due to a court settlement.
> this may break the winetools installation so if you're going to do 
> this I would do it soon. BEFORE the ie update
> Bryann Melvin

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