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>Some time ago I installed Wine from Sidenet. It installed IE, which was 
>exactly what
>I needed at the time. Now I have a few apps I want to run like SWiSHmax.
>When I installed SWiSHmax it ran right after start up but then I cant get 
>the app to work.
>So I installed it again. And the same thing.
>Im wondering if its this specific install of Wine.
>What if I installed a second wine. Would that cause problems?
Although I am a commercial artist I am not familiar with that program.

FWIW wine runs few quality Graphics program.

Wine + Winetools or Codeweavers' Crossover Office will run photoshop. 
failrly well.
Corel Draw  Illustrator and  other Graphics Suites like Serif products will 
not run adequately.

Even with the scripting tools available with Winetools there is no good 
direct x support although the "transgaming " stuff may help some.

Unfortunately if you want to run quality third party software Corel 
Adobe/Macromedia etc  Linux is still not going to do it without going the VM 

If you are insisting on a windows free graphics shop  consider either using 
some macs, or keep a windows machine around. Alternatively use xen or bochs 
or a commercilal product like Paralells Workstation. (you'll STILL have 
windows, but running inside Linux)

Linux has some excellent tools for Grahics work etc. but they are not yet up 
to the standard of commercial equivalents in all respects.

using and building *.swf files is definitely one of those areas.

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Installing a second wine is probably not a good idea.
If you want to use wine I recommend the latest version in the repositories, 
then adding winetools on top of it. This will give you a working 
installation of scripting tools ie6 and several items that will help a lot 
of win32apps run.
winetools will let you backup your current wine install before changing 
things around.

All of this might come to naught shortly as there is supposed to be a 
mandantory change to ie the 11th. this is partially due to bugs but mostly 
due to a court settlement.

this may break the winetools installation so if you're going to do this I 
would do it soon. BEFORE the ie update

Bryann Melvin

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