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Francisco Borges f.borges at
Wed Apr 5 11:16:52 UTC 2006


(1st post here!)

I've just got a laptop. I'm installing Ubuntu on it and I want to leave
a partition for other Linux "try-out" installs and perhaps one for

Some questions:

1. How much disc space does a fresh "out of the CD" Ubuntu install

2. Based on my Debian Stable (Sarge) desktop disk usage:

 Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
 518M  393M   99M  80% /
  92M   21M   67M  24% /boot
 5.2G  3.6G  1.4G  73% /usr
 137M   15M  116M  11% /tmp
 796M  449M  307M  60% /var

I'm thinking about using these numbers for my "main system" partitions:

/user  8G
/var   1.2G (perhaps this is too big?)
/tmp   150M
/boot  100M
/      1G

Does anyone have strong (and polite!) opinions about these numbers?

Best regards,
Francisco Borges

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