Dapper upgrade with resolvconf not working on startup

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Wed Apr 5 06:39:38 UTC 2006

Am Mon, 27. March 2006 21:56 schrieb Adam Done:
> I have another partition on my Powerbook in which I copied my breezy
> over and upgraded all the files to Dapper.  However once I have, my
> resolvconfig stopped updating the name servers upon a fresh
> start/restart.  I have been able to update the resolv.conf file in the
> terminal issuing '/etc/init.d/network restart' and the nameserver gets
> added from my /etc/network/interfaces file as it should on a boot.
> After some vigorous testing I have concluded thus far...
> 1.  none of my startup scripts in my rc5.d directory is hindering
> resolvconfig to update properly on boot. (Had to rule that out of the
> list of variables.)
> 2.  I have noticed in Dapper ifupdown is not started on boot nor is
> there a script for it in /etc/init.d as there was in Breezy and started
> after the resolvconf script starts.
> 3.  I tried to start the networking script later in the boot process
> ('S99networking' to make sure) but that has not changed anything with
> resolvconf.
> 4.  Changed the dpkg settings which resulted as the same.
> 5.  I have turned off and on various rcS.d scripts with the end results
> being the same.
> 6.  Checked and even copied my /etc/network directory from breezy over
> to dapper and still the same.
> 7.  Uninstall/reinstall/deleted resconf but all the same.
> After my testing I have concluded the issues lies with my resolvconf
> script which is not getting setup properly on boot to accept a network
> change/startup.
> I  am on a 15" Ti Powerbook and float between different networks and
> have since this time have resolvconf update my nameserver info when
> changing networks/interfaces.  I am mostly on static networks but do
> connect at times through dhcp on/with other networks.   ALL my testing
> have been on a static network so there are not any confusions of extra
> variables with DHCP.  I am very perplexed as to why and what may be
> hindering my resolconf to update my nameserver info upon network startup
> on boot.  I  am looking for extra help to bring this issue to a close.

After installing the latest resolvconf in dapper I had to make a link as 

ln -s /var/run/resolvconf/resolv.conf resolv.conf

From now on resolv.conf is working as I expect it to do...


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