NOT HAPPY after Breezy upgrade/install

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Tue Apr 4 02:56:18 UTC 2006

On Mon, 3 Apr 2006 20:50:27 -0500
"Jay Ridgley" <jridgley2 at> wrote:

> Folks,
> This is hard for me to say, however, after I did an upgrade from a working 5.04 Ubuntu installation to 5.10. I discovered that networking did not work anymore. 

Can you be more specific? What was/is your network setup? What is the
contents of /etc/network/interfaces ? Was your nic recognised? What
hardware are you using? "Did not work" in what sense? Could you ping
between network machines? Were you unable to connect to the Internet?
Are you using cable, dialup, adsl ? Do you use Samba? NFS? And so on...

> After several attempts to manually configure it with no success I decided
> to do an install. 

An install? Do you mean a complete OS  reinstall ? What do you mean

> The results of that activity were also less than what I
> wanted... networking still broke, thunderbird is not there, and some other
> minor items are also not right.

As far as I know, Thunderbird is not installed by default in Ubuntu -
Evolution is (although IIRC Thunderbird is on the disc)
> I have been using Linux for years and this has been about the most frustrating experience I have had.

That's unfortunate - we might be better able to help with a bit more
detail about your setup and a bit more precision - for instance, do you
have any error messages you can tell us about? ( Alt-F4 in the installer
might tell you what went wrong on the reinstall, for example, or the
install logs in /var/log/installer  ? )
> Can I go back to 5.04 from 5.10? 

If you mean a direct downgrade, I don't think so - at least not without a
lot of frustrating fiddling about.

> At least it was working except for supporting a new HP PSC1610 printer 
> I purchased. That was the reason for the move to 5.10, it was suggested that perhaps it would be easier 
> to debug the problem.
> My only other alternative is to go back to RedHat 7.3, which was what I was using when I moved to Ubuntu.

Red Hat 7.3 was a great distro - but that was a few years ago...


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