installing windows 2000 as a virtual machine help

Russ bigrig64 at
Sun Apr 2 21:35:35 UTC 2006

Liam Proven wrote:
> On 4/2/06, Russ <bigrig64 at> wrote:
>> Don't know anything about qemu (or kqemu). Just wanted to throw this
>> out, have you considered VMWare Player (free). It's suppose to be allot
>> easier to deal with.
> I think the VMware Player doesn't let you create your own VMs.
Yes and no. If you install the player and dl one of the preinstalled 
setups, you can install anything over the top of it as you would a 
normal computer. Simply reformat the virtual drive and install anew 
(slightly more complicated but not much). The config file for a vmware 
setup is simply a txt file.


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