sudoers disaster

Christine Navarro christine.navarro at
Thu Sep 29 01:43:39 UTC 2005

"No, that's wrong.  Use:

 adduser username admin

The 'usermod' command above will remove that user from all groups but
'admin'.  That's not quite what you want.  You want them to stay in all
of the groups they are in, plus 'admin'."

Ah!  That explains when someone (not this list) suggested I do that usermod 
command to add myself to the "audio" group to fix my old laptop sound issue 
(which is still not resolved, btw).  I, of course, successfully removed 
myself from the admin group (joy) and had to hack into the sudoers file and 
readd myself...

Learn something new every day!

Christine Navarro 

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