that darned ROOT problem

Janne Jokitalo janne.jokitalo at
Wed Sep 28 16:00:36 UTC 2005

Bo Grimes wrote:
> Right, but at this point my user account is the only account and by
> default it can and must be able to.


> This leaves me setting up other accounts.

Hmmm... with other distros, would you only use one account, that being root?

> Again, no biggie, but it hasn't been my habit to set up a lot
> of accounts for a home pc nor has it been my practice to protect my user
> account from my family.

So lemme get this straight, you want one account but you don't care your
family members screwing up the system when they can do as they please with a
password that's good for anything? No? Well, only thing I can think of is
having a separate root account that can do administrative tasks, and another
that can't, and what everybody could use. Follow thus far?

How does it differ from a situation where you don't have a root account at
all, have that first account that has sudo powers, and then create another
that can be logged in all the time so that it's open for everyone to use,
but restricts them from doing damage?

I don't understand. You don't have to do separate accounts for every one of
your kids and their pets too. Just create _one_ another.That's two, grand
total. Not a lot. Think of that first account as root, and you have it.

What's the big problem?


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