Three Hoary Issues

Paul O'Malley ompaul at
Wed Sep 28 09:02:11 UTC 2005

Bo Grimes wrote:

> 2) I booted into Ubuntu and decided to check out hdb3.  Couldn't 
> because I didn't have root rights.  I tried su.  Couldn't Google 
> because...
sudo fdisk -l
the password is your own password, from the rest of your mail I assume 
you have the skills to sort out the file  menu.lst living in /boot/grub

sudo -i if you insist on being root

Sudo is around since the early eighties. In almost every large company 
it is the defacto standard and anyone found logging in as root has a 
permission slip to do so, or may be asked to walk. The chief non 
security advantage the ability to check the auth logs for that command 
you ran a couple of months ago.
Yes it can be abused, but so can root.

> 3) Hoary still assumes one is connecting to the internet with a 
> network, I guess, because it still ships with wvdial and assumes you 
> can set it up.  I did so with Warty, but Hoary says no /dev/modem.  
> The exact same modem that

ln -s  /dev/ttyS0 /dev/modem

> I found the answer to 2 on Google under Windows.  It's a shame when 
> one has to use the kids' Windows install to fix a Linux problem.  One 
> has to use sudo, but no where did I find this in the Ubuntu help 
> files, and it's brain dead to assume one will know it or figure out 
> that it's sudo + password of user set during install.

I always keep a variety of Live CDs to hand for such a situation.
Warty also used sudo
Try breezy on 13th October or a day or two after that when download 
speeds will be up and torrents will be flowing.


Paul O'Malley

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