Pradeep Nalluri lists at
Tue Sep 27 22:12:36 UTC 2005

Stephen Fox wrote:

> Funny thing about ShipIt is it varies in the time you recieve your 
> CD's. Here's a run down of the past releases:
> 1. Warty - took almost 3.5 months (12 weeks)
> 2. Hoary - took only about 1 month (4 - 5 weeks)
> I placed an order for Breezy, but seeing how the release is still in 
> PREVIEW mode, I will not expect it to ship until Breezy goes gold 
> anyway (Mid October I believe they said was the expected release).

Just curious, if i place order for cd's now, what will they ship? Hoary 
or Breezy?

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