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Tue Sep 27 21:30:03 UTC 2005

Funny thing about ShipIt is it varies in the time you recieve your CD's.
Here's a run down of the past releases:

1. Warty - took almost 3.5 months (12 weeks)
2. Hoary - took only about 1 month (4 - 5 weeks)

I placed an order for Breezy, but seeing how the release is still in PREVIEW
mode, I will not expect it to ship until Breezy goes gold anyway (Mid
October I believe they said was the expected release).

On 9/27/05, Al Gordon <runlevel7 at> wrote:
> On 9/26/05, david <nux at> wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > The Hoary Cds I ordered from Ship-It never turned up. Have just placed
> > an order for Breezy CD's. I hope these turn up - I've had to install
> > Ubuntu on to new users PC's from a copied CD. No nice CD cover to
> > show/give people.
> >
> > I suggest the shipit system needs tweaking at some level.
> >
> > regards
> >
> > nux
> I just got mine today... finally. I had mentioned disappointment with
> Ship-It and potential tweaking in a discussion thread a couple of
> months ago, and got jumped on for it. I'm glad to see that you got a
> better reception than I did. ;)
> My most sincere thanks to Canonical and the Ship-It team (really), and
> all of my worst curses to anyone who works in customs and/or the
> postal service between The Netherlands and CT, USA.
> The box was open when I received it, the contents were scattered all
> over the place, the CDs were almost all scratched to the point where
> they probably won't be useable, the display box was ripped into two
> pieces, and most of the CD sleeves were bent. Overall, any CD that
> I'd hand from this box to a potential new Ubuntu user would probably
> have exactly the opposite effect that it was intended to. This is a
> shame. I hate to see Mark throw his money away, regardless of how
> many bajillions he has.
> I'm hoping that some tape and time with a CD polisher will help to
> make the CDs serviceable again. I'm also hoping that the next CD
> shipment I receive arrives more promptly, and less destroyed. I
> really do want to advocate Ubuntu Linux with these CDs.
> Oh, and the box also contained a set of negatives from someone's
> vacation. So, if you work for Ship-It, and lost some negatives, let
> me know and I'll mail them back to you.
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