Dual Boot Grub Question (boot cd problem)

Richard Querin rfquerin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 13:27:31 UTC 2005

So I finally found the stage2_eltorito file, created an iso with this file
along with my menu.lst file and burnt the image. Upon rebooting, and
choosing to boot linux, it gave me a 'stage1/stage2 mismatch' error. I
couldn't boot XP from this point either. So I created a boot cd only using
the stage2_eltorito file (no menu.lst) and it then booted to the grub
command line. At this point I tried to manually load the kernel and boot,
but it couldn't find the kernel. I used the same commands that were in the
menu.lst file for booting ubuntu and it just wouldn't work.

I've double checked the instructions in the grub documentation and I think
I'm following them correctly but obviously I'm doing something wrong.

Any ideas?

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