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Nathan Blackham:

> I just upgraded to Breezy.  I am using debfoster to make sure
> that I don't have a bunch of extra packages and libraries around.

My usual approach is to use aptitude (which tracks what has been
installed as a dependency) exclusively. After the first install
/ on switch from apt-get to aptitude / generally from time to time,
I mark everything as auto-installed; aptitude wants to uninstall
everything. I then mark ubuntu-base (and/or ubuntu-desktop, when
I'm not configuring a server) as installed manually - all of its
dependencies are now being kept. I then look at the list of the
packages that aptitude still wants to uninstall (these are the
packages that are not dependencies of ubuntu-base/-desktop) and
see what else I want to keep; I then mark that as manually installed
as well. Then I uninstall the rest (usually some packages I wanted
to try for an afternoon, but forgot to get rid of later).

On Debian (which lacks the -base packages) I use the priority of the
packages as a guide - I set required and important packages as manually
installed and examine the rest.

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