Resize XP partition for more Ubuntu space

Quirky ulist at
Wed Sep 21 18:49:08 UTC 2005

Emerzen Wrote: 
> Hey Charles,


> 2.)  Let me try to summarize: you have 1 NTFS partition, and 3 ext
> partitions, and 1 bit of empty space. 

As far as I can see, there're only 2 ext partitions? The problem seems
to be the order, in particular the placement of the logical partition,
after the hole as it is. Logical partitions have to specify the start
and end points, and as the start point is AFTER the end of the newly
created free space, it is a no go. You have:

Start of disk

/dev/sda1 Fat16 

/dev/sda2 Ntfs 20.5 Gb

Unallocated 65.5 Gb

/dev/sda3 ext3 102 Mb

{  /dev/sda4 extended 

> > /dev/sda5 ext 3 64 Gb

> > /dev/sda6 swap 2.5 Gb

} end of extended

End of disk

One possible solution would be to alter the extended partition to go
from the end of the NTFS partition right to the end of the disc,
recreate the other partitions with this in mind inside the new large
extended partition. You would have to write down the cylinders that the
physical partitions are on at the moment, as this is whereyour data
really sits. It could all end in tears... What you want is something
that looks like this:

start of disk

/dev/sda1 Fat16 

/dev/sda2 Ntfs 20.5 Gb

/dev/sda3 extended 234Gb (is this size possible?!!)


/dev/sda5 (was Unallocated 65.5 Gb - now free to do what you want)

/dev/sda6 ext3 102 Mb

/dev/sda7 ext3 64 Gb

/dev/sda8 swap 2.5 Gb

} end of extended

end of disk

Extended partitions just say where the extension starts and ends, and
points to the first logical partition. It doesn't actually hold the
data. Afterwards you would have to update the fstab (and grub) with the
new partitions. Perhaps someone with more experience than me could tell
us if this is risky? I plan on doing a similar trick here after
virtually stopping using Windows. I am in the pre-XP shrinking phase
now. But I'm worried as I would have to 'delete' the partitions when
shuffling them about, which is why you need to note the cylinders used.
The data wouldn't really get deleted, just the parition table, but it's
still v.scary!


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